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    NEUTRONDROID is a community where you can find easy methods or ways to build or level up your GAMING experience, be it soccer or battleground games.We provide our lovely community all over the world with both easy and complicated methods that you can actually use to get you the feeling a gamer deserves.
     Wait, did we just mentioned that word "complicated"? And BIG YES, ofcourse,
to make this compicated methods look trouble-free or simple, we provide gameplay tutorials via our youtube channels as well as providing them on our blog. That sounds interesting,right? Good.

      We do this by taking the complicated and breaking it down into the simple. We help you face down difficulties in your gameplay that seems impossible to get you a win and transform them into possibilities that are workable.

      HOW? As a team, we mod these games and make working gaming scripts for your gaming experience.
      Isn't that awesome? We know such mods and scripts put smiles on our faces as we get on the winning ways.
     Furthermore we are not just a gaming community but love everything about TECHNOLOGY.
In this case, our team provide us with NEWS concerning technology and an EDUCATIONAL forum mostly about computer programming.
      Who does not love VIDEOS ? Any hands up? Not really sure... Our team provide videos for the community needed to gain experience.


                                                          THE TEAM

     We are made up of programmers,gamers,developers,bloggers,youtubers and the community as well based all over the global village.
      As noted earlier, NEUTRONDROID has link up experts and contributors from all over the world to share their valuable knowledge and experience, we go ahead to lead it forward from the helm discovering better ways, better ideas, and better perspectives.


                                                    THE THEN AND NOW              

      Few of us would know us for our Android ROMs and Kernel Porting Developements.
Why the turn around and just gaming?Actually for now, there is much attention to the gaming world and most of our readers recommend.

      We are still working on it and hopefully make it better as the gaming community is doing so far.

We are lead by NEUTRONDROID and our developing gaming channel GAMEDROID ADVANCED
as well as our sister website SCRIPTDROID

We look forward to bring you the best as gaming releases most of our stress and keep us entertained.

Thank you for showing interest in NEUTRONDROID and getting to know more about us.
Stay Blessed.

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